Branding it is not logo

I would like to describe the problem, not more precisely. Add a small dictionary of concepts.

Branding it is not logo? Why?

Branding is building brand awareness – as the name suggests building brand awareness is a bigger process than the logo itself. It is the creation and consolidation in the minds of consumers of the existence and positive image of a given brand. A brand is a concept that clients associate with specific products of a given company. For a brand to be associated with good quality it must have a good reputation.

Brand trademark – a sign indicating the manufacturer, name, graphic symbol. The brand consists not only of the logo, but also communication, behavioral and visual elements that define the company.

  • Communication elements: elements that the company communicates, such as a slog, fanpage on fb or other content.
  • Behavioral elements: company behavior towards the consumer, employee behavior, return policy, customer service, etc.
  • Visual elements: logo, colors, visual identification, product appearance, appearance of advertising elements.

Brand awareness – one of the parameters of brand management. It shows the state of customers’ awareness of readiness and willingness to purchase products of a particular brand.

Brand strategy – the brand is aware of its communication, behavioral and visual elements. He has clearly defined goals he wants to achieve. There are many methods to choose the right “way”, but there are a lot of questions that managers need to answer when designing a brand strategy, e.g.

  • What qualities and values ​​the brand represents
  • To which clients the offer is directed
  • To what archetypes of the brand is closest to us, with which we identify. Here I am sending back to an interesting reading on the subject: “The Hero and The Outlaw.” Extraordinary Brands Through The Power of Archetypes “- M. Mark, C. S. Pearson
  • And many others

As we can see the elements behind the visual are many that are part of the branding and have a colossal meaning. Let me, however, discuss further concepts related to the visual part of the branding.

It all depends on the client’s needs and awareness. The more conscious the customer, the need for identification is greater, from the logo to the whole image.

Book of the sign – it is the standardization of the logo, description of the logo’s construction, colors, half-protective, logo variants, typeface, examples of its correct use, how to use them and how not to use the logo.

Visual identification – This term defines the totality of symbols and behaviors used in the company in order to obtain a clear and consistent market identification, distinguish it from among competing brands. It is an extensive book of signs about company prints, designs of advertising and promotional materials, visual information and other elements of identification.

Branding is not a logo.

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