Online shop – How to set up? [LIST]

Online shop – the perfect idea for a business plan?

Easy money? Maybe yes, maybe no.
There are certainly a lot more things to pay attention to than you might think at first glance.
I will try to be brief, concise and on the subject.

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Online shop – Law stages

  1. Depending on the country of operation. This theme is very individual.

Online shop – IT Stages

  1. Website domain selection
    – Attention should be paid to the cost of renewal after one year. Companies often soap their eyes about the domain almost free. Where the amount after a year is much higher than normal
  2. Choice of hosting or server in case of shops with higher traffic
  3. Choice of SSL certificate (free or commercial)
  4. Choice of CMS to create an online shop
    – Magento (for large shops)
    – PrestaShop, Woocommerce (for small and medium-sized shops)
    – SaaS shop – Cloud shop – subscription option
  5. Upgrading your webshop software
    – Ready to shop? Is that all? It is worth considering upgrades. So that everything is up-to-date after a year, two or three. Every “out of date” results in vulnerability to attacks. On your own / webmaster services / automatic updates?
  6. Choice of system to send mail
    – Company e-mail? Something more?
  7. Choice of online payment system
    – Choice of payment gateway (PayPal, Stribe, Google Pay, Apple pay)
    – The choice of payment gateway should also depend on: the amount of activation fee, number of free withdrawals from your account per month, amount of commission, type of cards supported, availability of mobile payments (Blik), possibility of installment payments, availability of plug-in and integrations offered by the gateway provider, commission charged on transactions, rate of transfer of funds to your account
  8. Integration with shipping systems and couriers
    – When verifying the offers of couriers, pay attention to the returns and complaints policy. If you are looking for integration with the courier company to your shop, consider the offers: DHL, DPD, UPS, FedEX
  9. Design and UX
    – Sometimes it is the design and user experience that is the key factor in the purchasing process
  10. Content and SEO
    – appropriate structure of website content
    – build brand, loyalty and trust
  11. External integration
    – Google Merchant Center (your products directly on google)
    – Product price comparators
    – Opinion systems
    – Social networks (facebook marketplace)
  12. Good luck!

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